3rd and Goal, written by Vicky L. Neal

Against all odds, the NFL’s first female quarterback leads her losing team on a quest for the Super Bowl.

Jenna Ramey was born to play football. In college Jenna proves to be a great quarterback who leads her team to their first bowl win ever.

Then it’s suddenly over for her. No future seasons to look forward to. Men don’t want to play ball with her any longer, and women’s leagues would be too easy. Her only hope is to pick up a coaching job to stay around football.

But when she applies for a coaching position, she decides go to the NFL draft instead. The media follows her every move, as round after round passes by her, until a losing team seeking publicity makes her a third-string Quarterback.

Now, its up to Jenna to ride a dead-end position to a long-shot berth in the playoffs, and maybe the team’s first Super Bowl appearance in decades.

Selected Accolades:

2005 Scriptpartnership Winner

2005 Get Initiative 3rd Place Winner

2005 Open Door Contest 3rd Place Winner

2004 Writesafe 5th Place Winner

2006 Filmmakers International Honorable Mention

Vicky L. Neal

Website: http://vickylneal.weebly.com/



Jenna Ramey ……… Dallas Malloy

She portrayed herself in the opening of Jerry Maguire, boxing towards the camera as Tom Cruise narrates her true story.


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